The world is my oyster

So here i am
Ready to go
The road ahead
My future in tow

Everything I need
On my back
Who will I meet?
No turning back

Last minute nerves
I must be getting old
My younger self
Many times bold

I am excited
Everything I need
A journal to write in
A pen that bleeds

Many things to learn
Many things to feel
Life is a mystery
Let’s peel a little and see

I’ll write better then this
Don’t you worry
I’ll make you laugh and cry
You’ll be sorry

I’m not writing with a pen
Hence these little words
When I write with a pen
You’ll hear soaring verse

It is almost time
Time to say goodbye
Let’s head off
Head off and don’t you cry

Ahhhh, it’s almost time
I can feel it happening
The world is my oyster
Time to do some explorin’

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