Freddy Mercury found in Chile…?!

Meet Freddy Mercury. Or as he is better known, the ‘ex Presidente’ of the Carmelia Camp in Puerto Montt. The Carmelia camp houses approximately 270 families in very basic housing conditions.

The communities here are very poor. At the bottom of the social heap with basic education and limited skills. The aim of Charities like Un Techo Para Chile is not only to provide them with more permanent and robust housing but also to arm them with skills and education to help them to stand on their own two feet and not be reliant on handouts. ‘Freddy Mercury’ as I affectionately like to call him, is a wonderful exubriant man who grows rabbits for sale. The rabbits mind you are not for eating – but to serve as pets. The rabbits cost about 5,000  pesos each depending on size and cutyness. Freddy Mercury lives with his wife and 3 daughters and 2 grand children behind the shop in the camp.

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