Lovely picture of Maria ruined by the idiot in the background…

I tried my best. Honestly.

I really did, I tried to ‘darken’ him out – tried to get rid of him – that tonto idioto in the background. There he lies, sitting back on the bench, his head resting, his lips pucking, his tummy like a pregnant woman, but even photoshop couldn’t help delete him. I tried everything.

I really did. I tried to replace him – but he is too big and fat and huge – sitting there, ruining my lovely picture, of Maria.

I can’t stand him. He is ruining my picture!

OK, look just imagine he is not there. Yes! That’s it! Just imagine he is a statue. A marble statue. Si! A part of the Cerro Santa Lucia – imagine he is part of the surrounding park. Just a statue, sitting in that bench, with his lips pucking and…would I pay to see him? No way! That fat idiot?!

Ahh! Just ignore him, just keep your eyes fixed on the angel in front,

…the one wearing the ‘All Saints’ T-shirt (Yes I have one too), with a look on her face, that is saying: ‘That Wasim! Ouf! When will we go home! He is driving me crazy! He want’s to go here. He want’s to go there. Then here, then there. We have walked the whole city twice! Do I look like some tour guide??!’ 

Er, yes you do.

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