Volcano Osorno – ‘The Perfect’

Close your eyes,

and in your minds-eye,

imagine a volcano.

Yes, imagine what you think a volcano looks like…

If I am right, then the chances are,

that the volcano you have just imagined,

looks something like this:

Was I right?

If I am wrong, then it’s your imagination that is at fault!

But if I am right, well then you can raise your hands and clap!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the ‘Osorno’ volcano in southern Chile.

This is widely reckoned to be the most ‘perfect’ looking volcano on the planet. Its perfectly conical head is topped off with a generous serving of delicious fluffy white snow which tapers to little fingers at the edges (like a Walls Cornetto ice-cream). Its symmetrical shoulders ease down gently on all sides, to give a figure and proportion, that is most pleasing to the eye.

It’s a gorgeous looking thing ain’t it?! You could almost eat it, or fall in love with it, or just keep looking at it – all day long.

The thing about the Osorno volcano is that it pays not to be too greedy. A lot of folks want to go right up to it and stick their noses right into it. They want to trample around the base; and the more adventurous types, want to mount it and climb it. But the truth is that it looks much, much nicer – when viewed from a distance. Close up, it looses its charm. Looses some of its perfection. But when viewed from afar, from this vantage point – it is, well – nigh perfect!

Look but don’t touch.

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