¡Chao Puerto Montt – Ola Valparaiso!

My tenure at ‘Un Techo’ in Puerto Montt is about to come to an end, and thus – early next week, I’ll be heading north to Santiago and then onwards to Valparaiso (Valpo) – the cultural heart of Chile. The plan is to spend a month in Valpo and hope to soak up as much of the valpo flavour as possible. Valpo has been described as the ‘Venice’ of Latin America – a living, breathing work of art. Part gritty industrial port, part hilly labyrinth of multicoloured architecture. A photographer’s and poet’s paradise they say. Pablo Neruda lived there too. This is what he had to say about his beloved Valpo:


What nonsense,

you are.

What mad

crazy port.

What a head,

with hills.


you never had

time to comb,

or get dressed.

Always surprised you

life did.

Death awoke you

in your undershirt,

and underwear.

Fringed with colour,

and a tattoo,

on your belly…”

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