Travels with my Sony & other thoughts

I love my Sony.

Not only is it a link with the outside world but it is also what I do my work on. No manual labourer me – but pure finger pressing genius. Also, through it I can check the news, online banking, pay bills, watch BBC iplayer – watch movies in my room when I am bored, update my Kindle, write, process my photographs, check hotel reviews, check restaurant reviews, check maps, check porn, check movie reviews (even if I ain’t gonna be watchin’ em’), translate from English to Spanish (or vice versa), purchase bus and plane tickets, order Pizza’s, update my music collection –  ad infinitum.

It is an amazing piece of technology. I was oogling over it last night. Since I brought it (a year ago) I’ve never really used it properly – until now (preferring to use my 17in Macbook at home instead).

So last night, in my room – (I was a little bored), I held my laptop in my hand and gave it a good going over (no I didn’t have sex with it. That would be physically impossible and a bit sick). No, I turned it over (no, I already said I did not have sexual relations with it!) and admired the sleek likes, ran my finger over its smooth plastic bottom –  the carbon fibre chassis, the splendid design and craftmanship – wrought to perfection (the bits fitting together like the stonemasonry of Macchu Picchu(!), the beautifully cut keys spaced for optimum typing experience, the 3 USB ports (probably won’t ever use more then 2 at the same time – but it’s good to know they are there), the HDMI link (never used it, probably never will – but it’s good to know that it is there) the SD card slot, the MagicGate slot (again will probably never use it – but it’s good to know it’s there) the ample connectivity, the DVD drive, the beautiful High Definition screen which brings my photography into luxurious technicolor life.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics. This baby has at its heart an Intel core i7 processor – no slouch – which allows me to process (without a sweat) 80MB RAW image files straight from my camera. It is power hungry though – which is why there is a little switch at the top that allows you to jump from ‘speed’ to ‘stamina’ mode if you want to conserve battery life. Very useful this especially on long bus journeys – all too common in Chile!

But whilst admiring it last night, it got me-a-thinking and a-ponderin’ and a-philosophising and a-jerkin’ (no, not that kind of jerking. You guys are so sick!)

It go me a-figurin’ that modern technology is so marvelous ain’t it? But I fear – that the ubiquity of these devices means that we no longer appreciate them. Take em’ for granted we do is what I’m sayin’ folks. In the old days, when you traveled to distant lands, your sole mode of connection with the outside world and your home would have been the post, and then much later perhaps the telegraph and then the telephone. And these two (the post and telephone) remained Man’s main mode of long distance communication for over a hundred years, until not a decade ago when the Internet revolution ushered in a new age: The Information Age. An age to rank among those great geological one’s: The Jurassic, the Cambrian, the Mesozoic etc. But I digress.

Such that, today – the power of the World Wide Web – is at your fingertips – Just ask Google – and Google will tell you.

This black sleek shiny ‘thing’ in front of me now, on which these words are being ‘printed’ on a ‘white LCD screen’ to become soon a permanent part of the World Wide Web – is a conduit into a virtual world of entertainment and communication. It is magic. It reminds me again of Arthur C Clarke’s famous comment that to a civilization of sufficient primitiveness, advanced technology such as this, cannot help but seem like magic. And the Internet? So much information – yet we’re still as ignorant as ever! (more on this topic in another post I think. But it is interesting that with all the available information out there – people are still so spectacularly misinformed. Clearly quantity is not translated to quality).

What does all this mean? I mean, what does it mean for travel?

It means that that disconnectivity – that sense of being ‘away’ from stuff – being away from the News – lightin’ out for the light fantastic, that feeling of being somewhere far away, being far away from the happenings at home – is no longer possible. You may be physically absent – but with the press of a few buttons you can say ‘Hi!’ to your friends and family and even show your ugly mug on the Motion Eye camera (to those that want to see it!)

[Me]  “Hi Mum! It’s me!”

[Mum]  “What the fuck do you want son – thought we got rid of you”


Maybe I should have left the Sony at home after all ?

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