My Valparaiso Home

You can see my Valparaiso home in the first picture. It’s the bright blue building in the back on the middle-left with the green rooftop railings. My apartment is the section on the right hand side of the building with the wooden window frames and a little balcony. In case you are interested it is called ‘Hostel Apartments Caracol’ – each apartment is a separate unit and the rent is USD 550 per month inclusive of bills. Apologies for the messy bedroom…

One of the the great things about the location (in Cerro Bellavista) is that its within the ‘Museo a Cierlo Abierto’ (The Open Sky Museum) complex – i.e, the entire area surrounding it is designated an outdoor museum and the apartment is part of it! Right below my window is a lovely little coffee shop that does wonderful breakfasts and ‘proper’ coffee – as in not the instant variety, and every morning I am awoken by the aromas of freshly ground coffee, as they waft through my bedroom window, and nudge me gently awake…

…or violently awake to be more precise.

One thought on “My Valparaiso Home

  1. Thanks for posting pics of your place. Very modern, one would not expect it from the exterior. Glad to hear that you at least now have “proper” coffee in the morning. I spotted 2 bottles of wine, guess its Chileans finest. Now I know why your struggling with the heavy shopping up the hill. Enjoy!

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