How extraordinary it all is…

I go to bed tonight with the following thought ringing in my ears:

How extraordinary it is, that the universe; so indifferent to such things, could generate me – a creature, a thing, a being made fundamentally of quarks and protons and mostly empty space, that can wonder at the sheer chutzpah of its own existence. I am alive, and it is an extraordinary privilege, to be so…

Not wandering through life to ‘get it over with’, nor moored to the tedious business of the ‘doings of life’; but rather wandering through it in a sort of daze, a perpetual perplexity, a constant niggling juggling act of mystery and curiosity with ineluctable absurdity – with feet firmly planted on earth, but head firmly planted in the rarefied space between the stars.

Life is absurd.

But what a beautiful, bold, crazy and ultimately pointless absurd it is!


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