Meal for One


Add spurt of oil to hot pan

Add finely diced onions and then caramelise until light brown and soft

Next add finely shaved fresh garlic and leave for 10 mins allowing the onions and garlic to sizzle and release their flavours

Add the Carne Molina (mince meat) and brown – mixing all the way

When brown add fresh tomatoes + tomatoe puree + dried herbs + pepper + salt + cumin + dash of ginger + a dash of red wine + dash of inspiration…

Leave to simmer for 20 mins

Lift lid occasionally and go “Mmmmmmmm”

Add to spaghetti and sprinkle with Parmesan

Sit down comfortably

Lift head above steaming plate: breathe in aroma

Say “Mmmmmmmm” again

Wrap spaghetti liberally coated with Bolognese sauce around fork – and lift to mouth


…but not too much.


Don Bolognese.

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