Lucky you! But not so lucky me!

So here I am, lying in bed, with a gum infection.

Well at least that’s what i think it is! I’ve been self-diagnosing myself you see – and I think I have something called ‘Pericoronitis’ – yes, not very pleasant. So I’ve been pumping myself with ‘Metronidazol’ as antibiotic and ‘Ibuprofen’ a NSAID (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug) for the inflammation and pain. I’ve also been swooshing warm salt water around my gum area as I find it helps and might help to kill some of the baddies. As I am lying in bed right now I have free time. Lucky you! But not so lucky me!

The pain ebbs and flows like the tide. It’s not that bad when bad but it can still ruin a day. If things don’t improve I will go and see a dentist – in Peru! Apparently (and I didn’t know this until I started searching the web) Peru is one of the top ‘Dental Tourism’ destinations in the world. Many people combine Machu Picchu – with a trip to the dentist to improve their smiles! Or whiten their teeth or any other host of Odontological things. Why? Because in Peru a trip to the dentist costs at least 1/3 of what you pay in Europe or the United States and many times even less then that. And the standards are good. Peru has 14,000 registered dental practitioners. Just look it up. I’m not kidding.

Amazing what you learn off the internet.

I can’t chew properly. So only soft foods for me. Mashed banana, soup, breakfast cereals (left for 20 mins in milk to become nice and gooey). Baby food diet for me from now. And no more wine (it interferes with the drugs I’ve been taking). No more wine. Man I must get better soon!

So what have I been doing lately? Not much! In bed remember with ‘Oooh – Ahhhh – Ouch!’. It’s OK. I don’t need sympathy. Really! I’ll be fine. Honest.

So what have I been doing? Well – today, this morning – I did myself a self-diagnosis (on the internet!) and satisfied, I headed for the Pharmacy to get me some drugs. I knew what I needed and brought them. Off the Counter. Now obviously me getting better depends on the accuracy and correctness of my self-diagnosis and without the benefit of x-rays and the eyes of a real expert (a dentist not me) one can never be certain. So assuming the pain goes away I will get it checked in Peru.

What else? Oh yes, got a haircut on the way back. Talking of which I seem to terrify all the barbers (the peluqueria’s) for some mighty strange reason. Maybe they’re afraid of what will happen to them if they do something wrong? Do I really come across so demanding? So scary? It’s not exactly brain surgery now is it!

What else?

Oh yes, the grocery store. An avocado (very popular these in Chile) – and er…oh yes, some mouthwash, a new toothbrush and some toothpaste!

This blog entry is probably my worst ever: Pericoronitis, gum infections, barbers, toothbrushes and mouth wash! But I say to you – I am a Man – Oh yes! a human being (contrary to popular belief) – I have a body – and I have teeth and other parts – and things sometimes go wrong. I know it is a cliche but I am only human. There said it. Sighs – maybe I am feeling a little lonely today. Long term solo travel can wear you down – and especially when you don’t have anyone to speak to for long stretches of time – and when you are ill – and…(I can hear the peal of the church bells ringing as I write this!) – how considerate!

What else? Oh yes! I have been reading and finishing whole books on Quantum Physics! Been swallowing them whole like some fiend. Yes Quantum Physics! I read ‘Quantum’ by Manjit Kumar in under a day – and am now on Brian Cox’s new book on Quantum Mechanics. Why? Because I have this urge to get to grips with fundamentals and reality (or not to get to grips with it as the quantum world is most strange). Maybe, I’l write about the ‘Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle’ and ‘Quantum Probabilities’ and the ‘Double Slit Experiment’ and the ‘Multiverse’ (the many worlds view) in a later entry?

Would you like that? It is important you know! After all you do live in the world. Suffice it is to say – that the world around us; though it behaves predictably and deterministically – is supported atop the foundations of a fuzzy bedrock of quantum strangeness.

Basically nothing makes sense when you delve deeper into things. Women for example!

The world is much stranger then we can possibly imagine.

On that note I am going to bid you farewell. It is time for my mouth wash! And all this talking is making my mouth dry.

‘Ahhh – Oooooh – Ooouch!’ – It’s OK. I’ll be fine. No sympathy required. Really! Honest! I’ll be just fine.


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