Current location & mental state

Current Location: Santiago

Next destination: San Pedro de Atacama in the north of Chile. Population: 4,968 souls / altitude: 7,900 ft (2,500 metres above sea level). Day-time temperatures: 25-30 / Night time temperature: -10

Means of Transport: Very old aircraft via SKY airlines from Santiago to Calama (flying time 2.5 hours). Then bus from Calama to San Pedro de Atacama (distance 100km). Have reserved a right-hand window seat – so hopefully will see the Andes and the desert from above.

Things I am looking forward to: The desert. The stars.

Things I am not looking forward to: Arriving in San Pedro de Atacama late at night desperately trying to find my hostel whilst being attacked by a pack of wild feral dogs. The desert cold at night.

How do I feel? : Good.

Is that all? Any more words? Happy. Free. LikeaBirdy. Hoping for poetic inspiration.

Anything else? Yes, couriered a whole bunch of stuff back to England so my bag weighs even less now. I still want to get rid of stuff. I have 3 pens in my bag so will get rid of 2. My mouthwash weighs a lot. Do I need Fresh Minty Breath in the desert? I need to buy SP factor 30 sun-cream. I think I have sufficiently warm layers.

How do I smell?  Nice. Just taken a  shower.

How’s my tooth?  Much better. Thanks for asking.

Last thing that pissed me off: Man sitting next to me on bus journey from Valpo to Santiago, snoring and resting his head on my shoulder.

Lesson to be learnt: You’re going to Bolivia. It’s going to get much much worse. Get used to it!

Any regrets? Never

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