Chao Chile! Ola Bolivia!

Yes, tonight is officially my last evening in Chile. So it’s goodbye Chile. I know I will miss it. I will miss the relative ‘modernity’ of this country. The great roads. The safe food. The safe water. The relatively comfortable hostels and reliable amenities. The clean buses that run on time. Tomorrow morning; at 7:45am, I head to Chilean Immigration in San Pedro de Atacama to sign myself out and then head to the Bolivian border. Once in Bolivia I will make my way to the southern city of Uyuni over the course of 3 days – crossing the ‘Salar de Uyuni’ in the process – and expecting to arrive there safely on Sunday afternoon. The 3 day journey will hopefully take me across some of the most spectacular and dramatic landscapes on earth – landscapes Salvador Dali would be proud of – with the showstopper being the salt flats of Uyuni. A landscape of the mind if a description was ever apt..

Naturally – I will have access to nothing over the course of those 3 days! The accommodation in the evenings – I have been told, will be crude, cold, draughty and basic. I have also been told to bring plenty of water (as the altitude leads to dehydration), toilet paper and plenty of snacks. There are no shops on the way. There is nothing but nature. And nature don’t care. This is no man’s land. The journey is supposed to be grueling and just about bearable, with the high altitude a constant factor – and that’s on the optimistic end of the scale!

But it has to be done.

I leave behind a country that has been my home for two and a half months. I leave behind friends. Time to move on. Break on thru to the other side. Break on thru to the other side.

See you on the other side! Alive.

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