Oh no not again! (and some pics from my hotel in Sucre, Bolivia)

Oh no not again. Yes – another gum infection. This time on the other side of my mouth! What is going on!? So…went to a Bolivian dentist today….

…at this rate, I will have no teeth left by the end of my trip!

But I will become an intimate expert in South American dentistry practices.

NB: I am currently staying in a wonderfully posh hotel in Sucre. Hostal de Su Merced. See pics below. Wonderful colonial building and awesome breakfast with real coffee. Naturally.

Tomorrow I fly to La Paz. It is rainy season here in Bolivia but I managed to hire a car yesterday to some outlying villages around Sucre. It is carnival season here in Bolivia and everybody throws water bombs at each other. The locals in some of these distant villages hardly see foreigners and at times I felt like a Martian!

Anyway – time to grab din din. Tonight I will be having a burger!!

From a Take Away…and I will sneak it into my wonderfully posh hotel room…

Only joking. Burger from the restaurant as I am not allowed to go out. Dentists orders.

See burger below…Mmm…Yum

Please come and join me. I am all alone in the restaurant. Just me, my laptop, and my missing tooth…

Please join me. I need someone to talk to. The waiter can barely speak a word of English. We will talk, me and you. I tell you what I will buy you dinner. How’s that for a deal? I’ll buy you a burger. See below. Don’t it look delicious? And in return we will talk, well…I will talk, and you will listen. And I will tell you many things. Many many things that will leave you gasping for breath…and hopefully not gasping for the door handle.

My treat. Please join me in the hotel restaurant. For I have one tooth less, and I am lonesome tonight.


I am lonesome tonight.

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