inspiración revisada

As I lay supine on desert sand
the happiest creature in this world of Man
I look up and spy the sky
Oh vaulted roof! – My room tonight!

With blinking stars for a canopy
nothing more I need for me
For a bed I have the softest sand
king-size? double? – as vast as this land!

For entertainment: memories like a butterfly
captured in the tide – the tide of life
For a lamp: the full moon held aloft
See! casting a beam, silvery soft

For water I have the stream besides
that ripples, and gurgles. Woe betide,
the traveller – who dreams – all alone
of women, and riches, he’d rather own

…and see’s nothing of treasures laid bare
in front, above – Oh! Everywhere!
Speak not of things you do not own
love life
let live
and never moan

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