Answers to some of your (hypothetical) questions!

Current location: Copacabana – Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

How am I feeling: Not bad. Thanks for asking. I knew you cared.

How is my tooth: Much better thank you. You do care don’t you!

Do Bolivian women really lift their skirts – squat – and then pee : Yes. I’ve seen them. With my own eyes.

Am I a pervert? : No. She was in front of me and she squatted and pee’d. I didn’t follow her. Promise. Nor did I offer her any money to do it.

Do I miss London : No. Er, yes. Sometimes. Ok – Yes I do.

What have I learnt so far from my trip : Plenty. How much time do you have?

What has been the best moment so far : The Salar de Unuyi. Finding my passport after ‘loosing’ it. Valparaiso. Staying in a nice hotel with fresh smelling sheets and hot shower and private bathroom after 5 days of roughing it. Eating my first cheeseburger of the trip at the posh restaurant in Sucre (though you weren’t there)

That is more than one moment : Yes it is. It is difficult to choose. Ask me at the end of the trip

What philosophical insights have I gained so far during my trip : Never think your culture, or your frame of mind, or your viewpoint, or your opinion, or your language, or your tastes, or your ideas – are better than others. Keep an open mind, always.

And be patient. Never fret if you get delayed or if people are inefficient or incompetent or just plain dumb stupid. Relax – your on holiday!

What do I regret about my trip : Still taking too much stuff

What would I change : I’d keep the laptop and a whole bunch of clothes at home. In fact would only carry one other change of clothes.

But then I would smell : No I wouldn’t. Laundry is very cheap here.

Do I ever get bored: Yes, when I meet other travelers and we talk about where we have been…

Why do I find such talk boring : Because it’s not where you have been. It’s what you have thought, when you were there.

What did I eat for dinner tonight: Some coal-fire BBQ’d liver and potatoes from an old street stall woman in Copacabana.

Was it nice: Yes delicious.

Is my stomach OK though: Yes, so far. But ask me tomorrow

What am I doing tomorrow : Taking a 2 hour boat ride to the ‘Isla de Sol’ – birthplace of the Inca empire

Where am I typing this: In the ‘living room’ of the ‘La Cupola Hostel’ in Copacabana

Is the Hostel nice: Yes very. It has awesome views of lake Titicaca

Is the bed comfortable: Yes – but would be more cosy with you in it

What? Am I gay : Definitely not! I am assuming that you are a woman

What else am I looking forward to in my travels: Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines

What are the Nazca Lines : They are very straight and long lines carved into the desert soil around Nazca in Peru. They are best seen from an aeroplane as they are miles long and they also feature images of spiders and humming birds. Archaeologists have wondered how they were made because of their precise straightness. Some people think they were carved by aliens. However, the respectable theory is that the artists that carved them had constructed air balloons that allowed them to view the lines from up high – thus directing their construction.

Wow, that’s interesting!  Yes, I know. But then I am an interesting person – right?

One thought on “Answers to some of your (hypothetical) questions!

  1. You should do more posts like this! Can not believe that you would have wanted to take less things with you, that bag was already so small.

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