The adventures of Super-Fly 3D Sonic (an alter ego)

(cartoon courtesy of Mr Cesar Branco)

Superfly sat down to enjoy his coffee in the rather posh surroundings of the boutique cafe in Cuzco known as The Gentleman’s Club. It was darkly furnished with deep plush leather sofa’s that seemed to sink you into the very bowels of the earth. It was dark inside with rich mahogany wood panelling and yellow lampshades that hung from the walls like mini amber suns. The place had wide windows that looked onto the busy plaza – the Plaza de Arms. Super-fly glanced around the Gentleman´s Club and found; to his horror and irritation, that there were no gentlemen in sight! He was expecting middle-aged, cigar smoking, professional types with wispy white hair and the spark of wisdom in their eyes. Instead he found himself looking at barely adult brash Western teens with baseball caps and Iphones. Some of them even had spots.

Superfly sighed. The whole point of him entering the Gentleman’s Club was to get away from these philistine oafs! And it wasn´t just the young one´s. The adults were even worse. Anyway, at least it was ‘relatively’ quiet here, and he was safe from the pestering shoe shine boys and massage girls outside in the main square. Superfly closed his eyes and dived into mindspace. Mindspace was where he liked to hang out. It was his chill-out room.

He had begun to like this little town of Cuzco after a shaky start. Initially he had found it hard work and a little corrupt. But slowly he’d begun to accustom himself to its charms. It fitted nicely with his sensibilities and sensitivities. It had wonderful architecture from the days of the Spanish empire, and it had the Inca ruins…

Ah yes, the Inca ruins…these were after all, the reason why, he was here…but more on this later. The truth, if it be told, was that he had recently begun to neglect his duties. Cuzco had weaved a magic spell around him, and he felt himself sinking into the languid torpor of debauchery and excess.

And now the cafe began to haunt him. The cafe, with its gorgeous luxurious interior and seductive coffee aromas, the whooshing of the coffee machine, the impeccably mannered waiters with their manicured fingernails and perfect timing and their tightly clipped accents – were all beginning to get on his nerves!

The waiter approached Superfly´s table:

´Buenos Noches Senhor, what would sir care for?´

[to be left alone Superfly thought to himself]

´An Uno Cafe Cortado por favor, and erm…can you ask those kids over there to stop playing loud gangsta music on their Iphones. This is not the top deck of a London bus´

´Ah yes, of course Sir. You are most certainly correct there. This is most evidently not some bus. It is a respectable cafe for er, Gentlemen – just like yourself sir!´

Superfly noted the acidic tone of the waiter and his subtly piss-taking remark.

The waiter left in a flourish and Superfly debated whether to have him reported to the manager. Maybe the manager of this ´Gentleman´s Club´ is just like him he thought – so he glossed the matter over. It was not worth it. There were more important bad guys on earth to worry about.

After a while the upstart waiter returned brandishing his cafe Cortado – carefully balanced, as if it was the Crown Jewels of her Majesty the Queen of England.

‘Sir, your cafe Cortado. Would you like anything else Sir? Perhaps something sweet to go with it? We have a fine selection of fresh…’

´No. I am fine thank you´ Superfly interrupted ´and those loud kids with the Iphones, what happened to them? You managed to get rid of them I see´

‘Yes Sir, your observation is accurate. I merely told them that there is a special offer at the McDonald´s next door, and they scarpered like bats in a bat cave´

´Ah yes, the McDonald´s. At least it has served a purpose´

The waiter departed and left Superfly to his own thoughts. Superfly stared out of the big large window onto the street life outside. It always bothered him. Here he was sipping a coffee that cost the equivalent of a day´s wages for these poor people. Ah, but he knew all this already. He was after all extremely well-travelled. More well-travelled than everybody in this cafe. Hell! He was the most travelled person in all of Cuzco! Actually, if truth be told, he was the most travelled person on planet earth by a big margin.

Why and how was he the most travelled person on earth?

Well, we´ll come to this later…

Superfly was about to think about the planning of his secret mission here, when suddenly his thoughts were interrupted, when a lovely blonde German woman, sat opposite him. She was slender, pretty and very much alone. How did he know she was German? Well he knew such things! Suddenly, Superfly felt deep pangs of desire well up inside of him like a pressure cooker. He thought he might explode. She was a thoroughly exquisite creature with dainty fingers, and tender bubble-gum cheeks. She sat opposite him ignoring him and as cool as a cucumber. While he, sitting opposite, was having a cardiac arrest – was like an ocean heaving in turmoil!

Why did she sit opposite him? She could have sat anywhere, on the numerous other empty seats – yet, she had chosen to sit opposite him. Deliberately. The thought ran through his mind like a bush fire. Maybe she had seen him, liked the look of him, and then decided to sit opposite? Or (Superfly thought), she was alone and looking for a bit of fun. His mind raced around with all sorts of ideas, when suddenly the race stopped:

She was blind. Yes, the waiter had seated her next to the window – but she was blind. He spotted her blind person´s stick.

Superfly´s ego – which had somehow managed to reach outer-space orbit, came crashing down to earth.


But so what? he thought. So what if she is blind! Even better. I will woo her he thought. With poetry. Oh yes!

Was this love? Oh no. Superfly was beyond such petty emotions. Love? Ha! Poo-pah! Love was for amateurs! What he was feeling was so much grander. So much more intense. So much more worthy of his heart. So much more wicked! What he was feeling was…

But then he realised there was a problem.

He didn´t speak a word of German.

Superfly, who was well versed in the art of female seduction – for he had seduced many exotic butterfly´s in his time, knew that the window that opened into a lady’s heart, could be flung open, with a storm. A storm of words called ´Language´. Oh yes, words! A woman´s ears and heart are most finely tuned to words. Ah yes, seduction begins with the wicked tongue!

Words – the way they are used, their notes, their rhythmns, their cadences, their booming powers. Words laced with all sorts of qualities, could be used to turn a confident, haughty, self-possessed, arrogant woman into a nervous, stumbling, soppy, love-addicted wretch!

Yes! He would walk up to her, and read her an ode to beauty, in English! Yes, a poem! His best poem!

So he got up.

And sheepishly walked to her table.

She was chomping on an apple pie, and when she felt him approach, she stopped.

He got down on his knees, and into her ears (less everyone in the restaurant hear him) he read her some lines from his finest work of magic:

“If nature had contriv´d a flower thee

My mind buzzing like a bumble-bee

Your beauty awakens deepest desires.

My loins, my heart, everything on fire…

The storm you feel, blackening above,

is the feelings I have, for you my love,

Whence it comes from a land afar,

tossed on waves, as high as the stars”

But the words were not having their usual effect. She hadn´t even stopped eating her apple pie! This was most extraordinary. Usually, women would be swooning by now, their eyes melting like butter. But this, this was something else. She was a toughie.

Superfly was about to continue with his genius poem, when the waiter arrived, and grabbing him from the elbows, sided him to one side.

´What´s the matter with you!´ Superfly screamed ´I´m busy talking to the lady!´

´I don´t think that will work sir´ the waiter said apologetically

´What´s the matter with you man! Why not?´ Superfly asked

´Because she is deaf Sir…’


[to be continued…]

What is Superfly´s special mission?

Does he manage to finish his genius poem?

And most importantly – where is he from?

All will be revealed…in a quality blog…near you soon…

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