Random bile from my tongue

I’ve read a lot you know. Oh yes. This is no idle boast. No scheme to impress you. No cheap vanity plug. My book collection is rather big. Entire walls lined with crinkled and wrinkled and never touched before book spines. When it comes to books I am a serial adulteror! From science to the humanties. From art to travelogues. From Greek mythology to poetry. Nothing is out of bounds. Nothing sacred.

I am no literary critic but out of all the stuff I’ve read, how much of it, in my opinion, was worth reading?

Not much!

Most books are utter rubbish and just an attempt by the authors to prove how learned and intellectual they are. It’s true!

Do you know how to tell the difference between an author who genuinely has something to say and one who is just pretending?

The language.

There is nothing, no concept or idea, no matter how abstract or complicated, that cannot be explained in understandable simple language. That doesn’t mean to say that the language has to be dry or uninspiring. Just look at Richard Dawkin’s! He writes in such beautiful prose and he writes about complicated things in understandable, non-obscurantist language. He writes so well that afterwards you feel like a genius. Because you have understood.

People who have nothing to say wrap their sentences in technical, obscure and fancy vocabulary. They love to use difficult rare words when simpler one’s would have sufficed. For them writing is not about expressing something. It’s an exercise in showing off!

Most books make you feel stupid because you struggle to understand them. And you struggle to understand them because the writer either can’t, or doesn’t want to, or can’t be bothered, to write a clear sentence!

There are only a handful of books worth reading. The rest are just a waste of paper and your time.

Read less. Think more.

And take more photographs…

Rant over!

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