Coffee, politics and how to remain forever young

I am sitting in a coffee shop. The rain I can see through the window. It is like a sheet of water and it is lashing against the window. Outside it is grey, cold, windy and wet. Inside it is bathed in a warm glow. I am glad to be inside, in the warmth, with coffee swilling around in my tummy.

I am trying to read but my thoughts are elsewhere – on a number of things actually. There is a coffee festival in London this weekend at the Truman Brewery in the East End, and I am thinking whether I should go. It could be interesting and I have my camera with me but..the weather. The rain and wind don’t look very inviting.

I am also thinking about whether I should buy the new Ipad. It would be great for surfing and posting to my blog. I hate posting with my smartphone because the keys are too tiny, and the small confined typing space also shrinks my thoughts. My thoughts need space and they need to be typed faster, otherwise they run out of steam.

I am also thinking about politics. I don’t usually occupy myself with politics for I find it disingenuous and fake and, well… a rather ‘low’ activity. I prefer the lofty heights of the Arts or Sciences. Anyway, in the UK, a large political scandal is brewing, and it has got me thinking about how people achieve power and why. I have much to say on this subject but this teeny-weeny keypad won’t let me articulate my thoughts!

I have also reached a startling conclusion about people. Four ignoramuses in a room do not make an intelligence! One hundred idiots together do not make a genius. I am a single lone person, and many times when in a room full of ignorants, I feel the need to go outside and breathe the fresh open and reviving air of my own thoughts.

What makes my thoughts different is that they do not suffer from the rot in the core I have seen in others. If the core is rotten the apple will die. A rotten core is narrow-minded, provincial, lumbered with superstitions and infected with the virus of dogmatic belief.

In the face of new information one should not be afraid to slough off one’s skin – moult like snakes do – and grow a new one. The biggest mistake we make is becoming too rigid. We should have some ‘plasticity’ in our brains – and if we do that – we will remain forever young.

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