iPad dreams

Tap, tap, tap these words out. Tap em out and watch em go. Watch em flow like a stream of consciousness. Watch em fall from a great height, into your lap. Watch em grow fat with a puff of anger. Watch em sting like a bumble-bee’s bum. Caress like the kiss of a foul-mouthed stinky witch.

I can make you JUMP!

and I can make you…normal size again.

I can make you feel tiny.

And make you feel big

And fat,

And make you feel s t r e t c h y. Like eeeelaaaaastic.

I can delete you from my world, and make you so bold in the face of life and LOVE.

But with words I can do something REALLY special.

I can make you…





in love…


The mightyEnglish language.

If you think about it for a moment,

think about it…

isn’t language a miracle?

Just think! Here I am, a hundred, thousand miles away from you. We can’t see each other, we can’t hear each other, we can’t smell each other, we may not even know each other – yet through the means of some modern miracle called language and an iPad and the Internet, I can


plant thoughts in your head.

Through these symbols called letters and words

That travel through space like magic…

…into your eyes,

and then into your brain,

Your beautiful brain.

I can make you feel things.

I can tell you things

I can teach you things…

via these symbols *${@^%$  and squiggles ∫ζφÅ∞

typed on a keyboard.

I am amazing,

But…so are you!

Cos you can do the same thing too…

Just tap, and see what happens.

You never know,

you might make me feel something 2.

Sent from my wicked iPad.

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