3 thoughts on “Istanbul: sights, sounds & tastes (part I)

  1. Love the pictures Wasim, well done! Quick question … for the out of focus pictures, were you trying to zone focus? or did the X-Pro1 just not lock focus in time?

    Were you shooting primarily with the 35mm?

    1. Hey Adrian,
      Yes I was shooting with the 35mm. Regarding focussing: I NEVER zone focus. The thing is i’ve never hsd to as my SLR has always been able auto focus quickly. Also I like to shoot at at shallow dof and i tend to change my apertures regularly. The out of focus shots are simply the result of the camera not being fast enough! I am spoilt by SLR speeds. The way i shoot Adrian is to respond to what my eye see’s. So see. Lift camera. Instant focus. Fire.
      I had my Canon with me too and I would alternate between them. Instantly the canon felt like it was on steroids! The key is to not treat the fuji like my canon. And therefore to evolve my photography shooting style to adapt to it.

      Glad you like the pics. Seen your recent posts too! Very good. You have a more considered approach which is what the range finder style is all about!


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