Coming soon: An evening out with my friends…

This Friday, me and some friends, will be hitting London town, as part of our ‘Shoot the Fatman club’ meet up!

The ‘Shoot the Fatman club’ is an exclusive gentlemen’s / geniuses only club founded by erm, me! It is very exclusive. If you are worthy of membership – we will find you. We don’t just let anybody in. To date we have five members. Five top people who comprise the creme de la creme of what human DNA has to offer!

4.8 billion years of the pinnacle of human evolution – crammed into a single place. So many ego’s together that even the universe is not big enough. So much brilliant brain power that the sun in comparison looks like a 20 watt bulb.

During our meets we discuss topics beyond the comprehension of mere earth people. Oh yes. Topics so profound that even Plato and Archimedes would wish they were here. Topics so weighty that the ground underneath our feet shudders and cracks. Topics so ‘out there’ that your brain might explode. We also like to have fun (just a little)

When we meet the Universe is our playground.

This time, I’ll be taking along a camera and a pen, to record the Minutes…

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