The Prophet Speaks

We are entering an increasingly dangerous period of our history. Our genetic code still carries the selfish and genetic instincts, that were of survival advantage in the past.

But as we enter the dawn of an increasingly populous world of diminishing earthly resources, and increasing environmental damage, those same hard-wired genetic instincts, pose a threat to the continual survival of humanity.

The future is in our hands. We have a choice. Either we continue along the same path of overpopulation, overexploitation and greed – or we, make a stand against our naturally selfish and greedy tendencies, and strike out for a path of ‘less is more’.

Economics is not a science. It is a recipe for disaster. Economic growth is not our saviour. It is our death disguised. We must live within our means and the means of our planet. We must sit down together and work with each other to raise the consciousness of the impact of over population.

We are heading for the cliffs edge. The world we live on is not bountiful. It is finite in scope. Have you seen the blue-white marble that is the earth from space? How fragile it looks floating in that black nothingness…

It would be a shame, if the only intelligent life we know of in the universe (i.e. us) was snuffed out like a candle in the wind. Snuffed out by ourselves.

If that happens, we have only ourselves to blame – and I for one would feel no remorse for the human species, but only deep sadness. Sadness because in this vast universe of empty spaces – we are as if a candle in the night. A beacon of hope in a universe indifferent and cold. I would not shed a tear for the human species. But I would shed a tear for the universe. For we were its only real hope.

(Prophet Wasim, this month of June, day 7th, the year 2012)

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