Scribblings from my past

I am tidying up my room today. Or rather, my bookshelves. There is always the risk, when I tidy my books, that I will pick up an old dusty tome – one that I’d read a long time ago – and picking it up and flicking through the musty pages, I will become engrossed by my comments in the margins. I always write in the marginalia of the books I read you see. Or if not the margins I always underline texts, sentences, paragraphs. My books are littered with the pen strokes of fevered inspiration!

So, I picked a book off my shelf today. One I haven’t touched for at least 10 years, and I open the front page and lo and behold! There scribbled in my unmistakeable untidy writing hand is the remark:


Only from the acknowledgement that life is finite, can come that unique flourishing – an incandescence inspired by the prospect of extinction!’

Wow. That was written 10 years ago. I do sometimes surprise my current self with my wisdom 10 years ago, or even before! My older self now, likes to congratulate my younger self then! Well done you 10 years younger Wasim I like to say!

So what does the above mean? I’m not telling you. Figure it out for yourself! Knowledge must be earned…


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