A glimpse into the darkest recesses of the human mind


An act of cowardice and barbarity like this, under most ‘normal’ circumstances, would be considered evil.

But when it is done under the guise and guiding hand of religion – when such an act is blessed with religious necessity – it becomes not evil but acceptable. It becomes, when perpetrated in the name of religion, a good act. A pious act. An act that God would be proud of. What kind of God is it that would be proud of this? Every moral fibre in my body screams to me that this is wrong.

That is why religion poisons everything. It poisons the human mind. It infects us. It subverts are usual humanity and charitable behaviour. Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.

These cowards actually believe they are doing good. Yes! Seriously – they actually really honestly 100% believe that this execution was the right thing. How is that possible? How can our sense of innate goodness be led ashtray so easily and convincingly?

Religion poisons everything.

In these societies religion is the root cause of most of the evils prevailing in them, and yet these societies believe that their problems can be solved by religion – how utterly absurd!

We are all fortunate, those of us not living behind the walls of these countries, to be living  in societies where we can more or less think and believe what we want (as long as what we think and believe does not harm others). We are fortunate to be allowed to go about our daily lives without meddling from others. We are free to read what we like, watch what we like, explore wider avenues and horizons of the human condition. There are people who want us to ‘revert’ back to primitive mind-sets. There are people who want us to give up our freedoms and blindly follow ‘true’ faith. People who see blind faith as a virtue are the same who would like to place ‘unthinking’ on an altar for high prayer. What idiots!

I say no. I will fight you all the way. You will not take my mind and my thoughts away from me.

Sapere Aude!

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