estar absorto en Havana

These are images from past wanderings,

Oh, how I wandered and walked all over

Without a destination, without an end,

just wandered, the streets of Havana.

Morning, midnight – all times are for wandering.

I was looking, for answers – to questions.

Questions – I never knew I had asked.

Until I had done the wandering.

It’s only when you wander

that the questions


How they come!

I walked, I peeped through peoples homes,

gate-crashed parties at home,

Talked life with drug-addicts,

and tramps.

Seems like such a long time ago,

As if another

lifetime ago

I miss that feeling

Like, as if, you are the only person in the world,

alone, far far away from all that is familiar


The wanderlust is calling – again!

My feet are itching,

my mind grows rapt.

Where to next?

That is the question!

Where to next…

One thought on “estar absorto en Havana

  1. Hi great Picts and indeed it’s a wonderful feeling, the one referring to wondering with an unknown destination. I recently moved to São Paulo, and been doing this at least once a week during weekends. There is definitely something magic in walking for hours meeting strangers talking to them hearing about their lives, doing pictures and continue walking with no specific motiv. It has become part of my therapy.

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