Can I have my 21st century back please?

I watch them with their pious beards and their screaming faces and their contorted limbs and their clenched fists and their burning effigies and their pea-sized brains – and I ask myself…What century do we live in?

Can I have my 21st century back please?

I will not mince my words.

What century do they live in? The 21st? The technology: Facebook, twitter, the internet, the mobile phones, and the SMS messages, that allows these dodo’s (no disrespect intended to the original now extinct version) to plan and organise their mayhem is the result of the same rationality and thought process they wish to diffuse and extinguish. The same dedication to science and technology and reason that allows them to fly in aeroplanes, watch TV, shout and scream in front of digital cameras – is the same that they wish to snuff out.

Anger. Emotion. Personal hurt. They felt ‘insulted’ by a poor quality YouTube video – that was designed for that very express purpose: to cause offence. They fell for it – like dominoes, these mindless religio-fanatical-quasiliterate-semimoral fools!

Will they jump up and down every time somebody posts something on the internet that they don’t like? Will they scream foul ‘I am hurt! I have been insulted!’ every time somebody squeaks on the Internet? What if the internet never existed? And that’s the irony isn’t it. That the same mass communicating web that one had hoped would spread light, also spreads darkness.

And besides, why do they feel they must stick up for their God? Can he not protect himself? Surely, if they are right, then the producers of the video will be punished in hell anyway? Why feel offended and take offence and take the matter into their own hands? Is the Almighty unable to stick up for himself? He has after all created the universe and everything in it. He is powerful beyond imagining – will a poorly produced, low quality with-bad-acting YouTube video on some insignificant blue-green planet, really piss him off?

Oh God! The stupidity is astronomique!

I wonder. Oh how I wonder, how can there be so many idiots in the world. Man is supposed to be the ‘Wise Man’: Homo Sapiens.

The 7-year-old boy brandishing a sword on Pakistani TV promising to cut the infidel to little pieces. 7 years old! Fucking child abuse! You can make a child say anything – there is nothing smart about that.

The little baby wearing a scarf wrapped around its head saying that it will be a martyr for the cause. The little boy with his mummy in Australia brandishing a poster promising to behead those that insult – with his mummy standing back to take a picture:

I know exactly what is going through that woman’s mind. She is thinking my son is standing up for his prophet and faith – God will be happy with him and remember this moment for the future. I get that! I do. I understand – but she is utterly, gloriously wrong. The kid knows nothing. He knows not what he does. He is simply acting on grown up orders. Why would god bless such a child? The action does not emanate from the child. Her thinking is flawed – a big gaping hole in the thought processes of billions.

What is so special about believing anywayI can’t get my head around it. To blindly believe in the absence of evidence is considered a virtue. How the fuck does that work?

I am fed up.

Fed up with a world that is populated with morons and ignoramuses.

When I die, will I leave a world that is wiser than the world I tumbled into?

Somehow I doubt it.

But the ignorance of others shouldn’t bother you, as long as they keep it to themselves. “Please! You are welcome to remain ignorant! Please go ahead! Just keep it away from me”

What do I know?

(I laugh)

I know that in the end, nothing really matters. In the grand scheme of things, when you are gone, it will be as if you had never been. The candle is lit for a brief moment, and before you know it, it is snuffed out – and what remains is darkness – and not even the memory of it once being lit remains, to keep the darkness company.

That’s what I know.

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