Je pense donc je suis

This is Me.

This is I

This is what I am – on the outside

Through those diamond cutter eyes – the world reveals itself to me.

Through that sturdy Neanderthal brow – life don’t dare lift a finger to me

Through those tangled Amazon eyebrows – mysteries speak Chinese to me

Through that manly nose – the world don’t fuck with me!

This is Me,

This is I,

This is what I look like – on the outside.

This exterior surface, of rough stubble on moisturised unshaved skin – is a mere facade!

Beneath those haunted eyes, lies the engine of a rapt mind purrrrring…

…like a Rolls Royce engine!

Inside I am gooooey and soft like Philadelphia cream cheese,

with the occasional chocolate chip on my shoulders

Look at me,

Look at those fleshy lips – pouting like a fish

Look at those forsaken cheeks – dying for a wish

Aye! look at those lovely lips – thirsty for a kiss!


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