Bad Rhyming Condition…

As the world spins, on the axis
No certainty, but death and taxes
I close my eyes and search for rhymes
In the night around; my bedtime

With little fingers, I clutch for words
For love, for sorrow, for crosswords
In the end, I give up trying
The only one I can see, is “frying”

How to rhyme “frying” with “trying”?
Without using “crying” or “semi-drying”?
Such is the quandary, I find myself in
I wanna run, hide under my skin

Then I am struck, by a brilliant idea
A flood of words, verbal diarrhoea
Words come leaking, out of my mouth
Down my chin, heading due south

Into the forests, of my chest
Oh! A little tickle, in my feathery nest
I can feel them, in ‘that’ region
The one favoured, by naughty Norwegians…

The words now, jump off my bed
Getting ready to go, light years ahead
I hitch a ride, on their slipstream
My face pushed back, Oh Ibrahim!

I am desperate now, for words that rhyme
The only one I can see, is …Thyme
Oh dear! Time to wake up
Eggs for breakfast, sunny side up!

This is getting worse, then I could imagine
Must be a bug, a virus – a pathogen
The rhymes are worse – can you not tell?
Now I’m rhyming ‘tell’ with Gabrielle
and Mademoiselle

Here comes the Doctor, for ‘Bad Rhyming Condition’
Oh god! He say’s he wants an audition.
Right. Here goes. Let my tongue fly
Get ready darling. Standby:

“In the twinkling of an eye – once bitten twice shy
Out of a clear blue sky – I cross my heart and hope to die”

The Doctor nods his head, and confirms my suspicions
I so, terribly, definitely – do have – ‘Bad Rhyming Condition’
He advises a course, of certain confectionery
To act as a palliative, a verbal vasectomy

I nod my head, and open my mouth
He puts the chocolate in
And takes the words, right out of my mouth!

It worked! It worked! I am finally cured!
So much, so much – have I endured
Time to say goodbye, and wish you a good night
Sleep well now, and don’t let the bed bugs



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