Coming soon: Breaking the Mould – The Sony RX1 (

We’re always in search of perfection. We want the perfection wife (or if you’re a woman reading this, than the perfect husband). We want the perfect job. The perfect pair of shoes. The perfect holiday. The perfect in-laws. The perfect country to live in. The perfect house. The perfect cup of coffee. The perfect…ah, yes the perfect camera.

What is the ‘perfect’ camera? What does that even mean? Is it a universal concept for everyone or is it a relative term different for everybody? What is perfect for me, may not be perfect for you.

But, leaving aside the above philosophical meanderings, there is a ‘sort of’ camera that many photography enthusiasts and professionals and dilettantes have been wanting for many years. A sort of Holy Grail of cameras.  Most of these above people (myself included) have a DSLR which takes beautiful buttery images that melt in your mouth.

But we hate – yes HATE – to carry that SLR around with us. Why? Well every time we go out with friends to a restaurant or a bar or wherever, and we open our bag and bring the beast out, we hear an audible sigh of ‘Oh God, here it comes out again!’ from our friends. Bringing out the SLR Beast heralds the coming of ‘photography time’ and everybody then goes into photography mode. i.e. posing for pictures etc. In short, you can’t ignore an SLR – and for simple nights out with friends, its overkill. An SLR can kill conversation amongst friends. It drives a wedge between conversations. Hence why I prefer to take along my Sony RX100 instead. It’s small, it’s ignored and taking pictures with it has the same ‘disturbance factor’ as taking pictures with a camera phone. i.e. hardly any!

Yet, many times have I viewed the pics of the Sony RX100 and wondered how they would look with my Canon 5D MKII and 35mm 1.4 (or the 85mm f1.2) lens attached.

It may now be possible to have a camera, that doesn’t generate that universal ‘sigh’ when you take it out the bag, and when you view the pictures, you don’t regret leaving the SLR at home.

THAT’s what this camera is about. The New Sony RX1. A full frame beast of a camera – that fits in the palm of your hand, and is not overkill. When you take this baby out nobody is going to ‘sigh’ again – except for the times when the ‘sigh’ is a sigh of love at first sight…

sony rx1


I’ve just ordered this baby. I hope to drive it through its paces and complete a ‘real world’ user review by next weekend. For those that don’t know, this is the new compact camera from Sony with a full frame sensor! it has a fixed Carl Zeiss 35mm f2.0 lens and I’m very excited about it.

I love the Sony RX100 for its compactness and image quality. This new camera I think will be the harbinger of a revolution in compact cameras. There is nothing like it on the market at the moment. Finally, we may get ‘DSLR full frame image quality’ in a compact package.

Below is a comparison of sensor sizes. The 1.0 type is the size of the sensor in the Sony RX100. The APS-C sized sensor is present in the Fuji X100, Fuji X-pro1 and all non full frame DSLR’s. Until recently the full frame sensor was present only in a few DSLR’s and the $7000 (body only) Leica M9. So, before the Sony RX1, if you wanted a full frame camera in a smallish body, you’d have to fork out for a Leica. In the words of Bob Dylan: The times they are a-changin


Here’s a comparison of body sizes. When looking at the below you must remember that the Fuji X100 has an APS-C sized sensor. The Sony RX1 sensor has an area that is 2.5 x that of the Fuji. Yet look at the relative sizes!



The Sony DSC RX1 – Like.No.Other?

We’ll see. Watch this space…

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