Sony RX1 – Tactile Aesthetics Review!

It arrived today and I have it in my grubby little hands.

Oh RX1, RX1 – are you the one?

As you hold it in your hands you realise that this is a solid piece of 21st century engineering. It is an awesome statement of mankind’s prowess. Am I getting carried away here? No!

You lift it and you feel the force of gravity because it has weight. The body of the camera feels like a solid lump of metal. There is little of that hollowness or plastickyness of lesser bodies. Yes inside, you realise, there is stuff going on. There is little empty space inside it – all is occupied by circuitry and stuff that does wicked magical stuff! It is clear from the weight that it is expensive. But Sush! Let’s not talk about that.

The buttons have a stubborn quality to them. Stubborn and confident. They don’t give in too easily! It’s almost as if they don’t care. The exposure compensation dial, that is situated on the top on the right-hand-side, has a precision engineered feel about it. It is heavy but solid and when you turn it, by applying some force with your thumb, it settles into its next position with a pleasant assuredness! With a contented click.

Am I going mad? This is a camera not a woman!

The Mode Selector Dial on the top also has that same stubbornness about it as does the on/off switch. Which is great because how many times have I turned these switches by mistake? Too many.

The aperture ring on the lens is clearly marked with notches that display the aperture readings and when you twist it with your hands, the heavy inertial feeling is like that of some highly advanced piece of scientific equipment.

Moving on to the design. There is an understated elegance about it. When viewed from the front it has simple rounded lines and an un-busy frontage. A lovely faux-leather hand grip decorates the left hand side and continues to the back where the thumb rests. It is comfortable to hold but I would recommend a wrist-strap. The front states RX1 on the right hand side and Sony on the left. Thank god it doesn’t mention ‘Cyber-shot’ anywhere!

Actually it does mention Cyber-shot, but at the back, in light grey lettering you can hardly see. Good! Cyber-shot! How so uncool.

The menu system is fairly intuitive. It has 5 customisable buttons that you can customise to your hearts content and an ‘fn’ button that gives you quick access to most of the settings you would reasonably need. It has a dainty little flash that pops up spunkily when summoned!

But these above things are not what really make it special. What makes the RX1 special is what is under the bonnet – or (since it is past the 9pm watershed) what it has in its trouser pants. A huge, full frame, sensor! This has no tiny little weedling in its pants. It has a full frame, SLR sized sensor down there – and boy will the girls be impressed.

I know, I know – I am having fun writing this, but why else would I be making verbal love to a camera if it wasn’t for the sensor???


This baby is special. Finally, I may have, SLR quality, in a small package.

I’m not going to talk about the image quality – yet. I need to put it through its paces for that.

For now – what I will say – is that it is like a man with a cool calm exterior. A man who has much going on underneath and within, but has no need to brag about it.

A man – nay a camera. Like.No.Other.

Make. Believe?

You betcha!

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