Sony RX1 pics taken tonight on my way home from work

These are straight out of the camera jpeg files without any processing in Photoshop.

(Note: The shots in the park were taken at ISO 25,600!)

There is no doubt about it. The Sony RX1 is by far the best photo taking machine I have ever owned. It takes better pictures than my X-Pro1 and beats my Canon 5D MK ii into the mud. It is also a delight to use. Barely registering a wink from passers by. I was at London Liverpool Street station – and on the top walkway was a Japanese guy with an SLR. We both stood there taking long exposure shots of the commuters. But his eyes were wondering. Yes – his eyes kept staring at my camera!!

The beauty of it is that it’s so small yet so capable. ISO 25,600 is more than usable! I don’t normally get so excited about stuff, but once in a while, something special walks into your life…

Maybe I need to get out more?

And take more fotografs!

One thought on “Sony RX1 pics taken tonight on my way home from work

  1. Hi, I have an X Pro1 too, having sold my 5D3 because it was just too big, especially in restaurants etc. Got the RX1 the other day. It’s nice, but I do find myself missing the ‘look’ of the Fuji images. I have the 35/1.4 on the X Pro1 and I love the images. I just need to decide whether I want the look of the images more than I can put up with missing shots due to the still crappy AF (even with firmware 2.0)

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