Holes: The Wise Yogi Master Speaks Again

We’re all full of holes. My holes are different to your holes. Your holes may overlap with my holes, but not totally. My holes are unique. My holes make me me. I don’t even know about all the holes in me.

We all have holes.

I thought she would fill my holes. Like that stuff you put in holes on walls before painting over them. Initially it felt like she was filling all my holes. But that was just a warm fuzzy feeling. Like a force-field that covered my whole body and gave the appearance of filling the holes, but never did. This force-field was called love. Or the feeling of love.

Love can’t fill all your holes.

My mistake was thinking and believing that she could fill all my holes. That is way too much responsibility to put on a single person! Especially since we’re all pretty fucked up and full of holes.

Too many holes.

And then there’s the problem of old holes being filled but new holes being formed. Just when you think you’ve filled a-hole-in-you, a new bloody one pops up! I brought an expensive camera to fill a hole, and it did a great filling job – but another even bigger hole just appeared out of nowhere in its stead. A hole that was nothing to do with cameras! A hole to do with something totally different.

Oh man! Holes can be evil.

Sometimes I think god puts holes in us deliberately. So we don’t go astray. So there is always a need of some sort in us all the time…

I say be proud of your holes. They make you who you are. Don’t try filling them all up – coz you’ll never get there. And don’t expect a woman or a man or love to fill them up completely.

Love can make you feel as if your holes have disappeared completely. But like an Aspirin it is a temporary solution to a permanent hole problem.

A permanent hole condition – yessir!

Nor should you look at holes as a problem either. It’s natural to be holey. Holes are formed from raging storms deep within us that we cannot control nor fathom, and from atmospheric conditions in the outside world beyond our waking awareness. The best you can do is ‘know your holes’ and understand that having them is a normal state of existence.

Yessir! Life is inherently holy. Live with it.

Be proud of your holes. Let them be the ‘elan vital’ – the engine that drives you ahead into the mysterious horizon of the fuzzy future. Place your holes on your shoulders or perched on your head and strut proudly down the High Street screaming: “Fuck my holes!”

There is nothing more sexy than a man who knows he has holes, but doesn’t care!

His Holiness Wise Yogi Master.

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