Greenwich Park in the Snow

(all images taken with the Sony RX1)



Greenwich Park is perhaps one of the best spots in London for snow and winter photography. The vistas from the hill in the middle of the park are wide and stretch into the distance. The gardens and trees and the numerous slopes all create wonderful opportunities. These photographs remind me of the Pieter Bruegels famous ‘Hunters in the Snow’ painting:


Hunters in the Snow

Like the photographs above the people appear as little black specks against a white background. There is something eerily strange and non-human like about these little specks playing in the snow. There is also something childish about it. An innocence. Perhaps it is the sense of large and looming over-powering nature – and us humans, powerless and in thrall of nature’s power (despite our pretentions). Nature in this case being the snow and cold and the winter.

The Sony RX1 did a fine job in the snow. I kept it in my jacket pocket but the only problem was keeping it dry. It’s not a water-proof camera and not really designed for extreme conditions. But it survived. The 25 megapixel full frame sensor allows ample cropping opportunities with the 35mm lens. it also has a handy panorama function. I spent the whole day in the park. I was dressed in layers. The high-altitude clothing I had brought for my South American adventure had come in handy. I had on a Merino wool underlayer. Another ice-breaker layer on top. A further fleece layer on top of that and a lightweight body-warmer on top of that followed by a long coat, scarf, gloves and winter hat. I was wearing three layers of socks and snow boots. I was comfortable and even broke a sweat when climbing the hills!

Why am I telling you all this? I don’t know. I suppose my point is that if you’re out and about in the cold taking photographs – do dress appropriately!

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