Who needs drugs when you’ve got imagination

Some people use drugs. Others take ecstasy, cannabis or magic mushrooms. Some people drink alcohol. The Sanema people in Venezuela take a powerful hallucinogenic drug called ‘Sakona‘ extracted from the dried sap of the Virola tree: it brings forth visions. The world appears anew. The forest comes alive. The spirits creep out of their dwelling places. One is reborn.

I don’t need any of these drugs to get a high. I just use my imagination.

Yesterday, in one of those trance like states that often overtake me – I suddenly realised; in a fit of sublime clarity, that the whole of this world: the tides, the wind, the weather, the snow, the rain, the currents, the waves crashing down on the shore – everything – the volcanoes! Earthquakes! The movement of the continents – the rise of mountains, everything! – me, you, the radiator keeping my room warm, the electricity that keeps my laptop alive, the energy required to boil water for my coffee – from the bread and cheese and chocolates I eat, to the green olives and wine I enjoy – everything – the whole of this – is powered by one thing and one thing only.

The sun.

I am typing this using the energy that was initially present in sun beams! What a poetic thought! My thoughts, my emotions – the firing of my neurons, the twitching of my muscles, the heat of my body – the words on this page – the beating of my heart, the tap-tap-tapping of my fingers, all this and more is powered by the sun!

We are all made of star stuff and powered by sun-beams!

What is a sun-beam? A golden weightless shaft of magic that’s what it is. Can you feel a sun-beam on your skin? Can you feel the energy in its warmth? If only you knew the journey that that sun-beam had to make to get to you! For billions of years it remained stuck in the sun. It was born a long time ago in the centre of the sun from fusion, and very slowly it made its way to the surface, all the time being knocked about hither and thither, until finally…it made a final leap for the surface…a final push…and out it escaped…free!

Free at last.

The sun-beam than made the six minute journey through inky black space, flying pass planets Mercury and Venus until it could see the blue white earth. It entered the earths atmosphere and of all the places it chose to land, of all the places it could have gone, it chose you my darling. It chose your skin, or chose to caress your eyes…and you let it – and you smiled as it warmed your skin, and you squinted as it dappled your eyes.

What a lucky sun-beam!

Indeed, who needs drugs when you’ve got imagination.

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