The many loves of Montezuma de Peru – Part 1

My name is Montezuma and I was born in; what today you would call, Peru.

I was born many years ago and there is no record of me left. Nobody alive ‘today’ knew I ever existed. People knew I existed when I was alive, but now, they too are dead and so am I – so the record of my existence is dead with me.

I was not famous and nor did I make any discoveries. So I was born, I lived, and then I died – and history has not remembered me.

But, someone like me, surely did exist. And that is why the creator of this blog has brought me back to life. The creator of this blog, and the writer of this piece, wants you to know that I did exist – and that I had the thoughts that he will now describe.

The world he will re-create, is a world long vanished – buried in the sands of time. The thoughts in my head he will re-create, are long vanished – bleached white like my bones. The woman that I loved and my intense love for her he will re-create are long vanished – snuffed out like a candle in the wind.

I should be grateful that my story is being told – for I have lived and I have loved and I have thought many things. Though I am dead it is an honour for me that you will know these things. I feel privileged that you will get to ‘know me’.

Yet I am deeply aware that I am but one person from the past – one person out of hundreds of millions – who have also lived, and loved, and thought. How do remember them?

Is it possible?

Is it possible to remember and ‘know’ all those that have walked the earth before us?

I, like you, also thought that those of the past were somehow ‘different’ to those of the present. That the peoples of the past were not like us. They did not think like us, did not love like us, did not feel like us, were not like us.

But that is false.

All people that have ever lived and died – were just like us. If we were to somehow learn who they were, learn about their individual lives, who they loved, the broken hearts they suffered, the children they had…the pains, the pleasures, the agonies, the deaths, the choices, the beliefs – if somehow we could contrive to know them all – the shock would surely kill us.

One life is enough. One life has enough drama in it for a life-time. But to know the lives of all others that have lived before us, would be something we would not be able to handle without loosing our mind. The shock would kill us. How many heartbreaks can one take? One? Two? Three? Ten? A thousand? A million? A billion?

A billion heartaches?

Can you take that?

No. You can’t.

That is why it is better for the creator of this piece to focus on just ‘one’ life of the past.

But how to do that? How to re-create a life that you don’t know anything about? Where does one go for information? Where does one go to learn about this long dead person called Montezuma that lived in Peru – thousands of years ago?

Is there a library where one can go for research?


Where does one go for that inspiration? That magic?

You go and search the library of your feelings and your common humanity. A library all people’s share.

Because Montezuma was no different to anybody else in terms of what he felt. He felt love and pain and longing – just as we feel it today: you and I.

He felt love exactly how we feel love today in 2013. It was the same feeling. The same longing. The same tightness in the throat and constriction of the chest. Love is universal.

The writer of this piece will bring me back to life.

My name is Montezuma, and I lived a long time ago in modern day Peru. I am long dead, but once I lived – and now you will learn about my life…

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