Yogi Master Wisdom Tongue Speaks Riddles

You cannot expect to get everything you need to make you happy from others. You must get most of it from inside. The source of your happiness – that warm glowing furnace – must be internally generated heat. Not the heat radiated from another. Self-validation cannot come from another, it must come from your own inner beliefs and convictions – your inner self. Self-worth must come from inside, not outside. External sources are capricious and unpredictable and liable to changes in weather. They cannot be relied upon. There is truth to the saying that ‘every man is an island‘ – for we are all islands. We may import ‘goods’ from other islands and also export stuff too – but ultimately we must strive to be self-reliant. It is only through being self-reliant that we attract others to us. Only then will others feel the warm glow within us, and to want to come closer – to warm their cold hands.

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