He’s back…and this time the force is strong!

Mad Writer

Yup, that’s me. Though I prefer the humble pen to typewriter. The good news is that I am currently – finally – after kicking myself up the backside, had enough of the procrastinating that was plaguing me – and am now – as I write this – engaged…no, not with a woman – engaged – in writing my book. I have a love in my life and it is writing. Hence, why I have changed the format of this blog to render it more reader friendly. That is the good news. The bad news is that I may write less on this blog. But then, there will be stuff – that I cannot include in my novel, which I can stick in here!

So, let’s treat this blog as a…what can we call it, a drainage pipe – a overflow pipe – for all the stuff that is not quite good enough (or relevant), for my book. All the crap stuff will end up here, though I hasten to add, it may be ‘crap’ to me – but, it is still gold dust for you lot!

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