A different sort of Venice

I could just show you the typical picture postcard Venice of lovers in Gondolas’ under the Rialto bridge – but that’s boring and I like to think that I am a little above such vulgarity! So I’m going to show you a Venice that you’ve never seen before. A real Venice teeming with real people and not cardboard cut-outs a la Disney Land…


Look at her. Poor woman. If she was my mother I’d be ashamed of myself. This is not voyeuristic photography. This is real life. And that’s what I’m looking to catch. But real life is so allusive in Venice, you approach it, and like the pigeons, it flies off.

But if you do want to see something vulgar than I can show you vulgar. Take a look at the below picture in St Marks square.


So…you’re in St Marks square and you are surrounded by beautiful architecture and wonderful church facades and history stretching back to the early Renaissance period – and what do these tourists do? Yes, take pictures of themselves playing with the pigeons! Why even bother coming to Venice when you could have done this at home and it would have cost you less! These are Chinese tourists and not Japanese. I know this because Japanese tourists (and most others) actually come to Venice to visit the sites!

But what does that make me? I am taking pictures of people taking pictures of themselves playing with pigeons…

And finally…I’ve been thinking of a name for the picture below. I have ‘devotion’ / ‘tru love’ OR ‘house slave’..

Take your pick.



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