Big nose and fatty

The two cave men sat on the edge of the cave and watched the rain as it dripped down. They looked up at the heavens and were not pleased. The fat one was feeling hungry and this made him irritable. He was always irritable when he was hungry. The one beside him, the one with the big nose – did not look irritated. Rather he looked pensive, thoughtful – even philosophical – to the extent that it is possible for a cave man to look philosophical.

The fat one continued to stare morosely as the rain dripped from the sky. He watched as big blobs of it crashed down on his head and tumbled down his chin. He watched but he didn’t get out of the way.

The fat one did not look very pleased at all. But the big nosed one, continued to stare thoughtfully. He might even have scratched his chin in that thoughtful way, if he knew how to – but his eyes told you he was thinking of something. What he was thinking of nobody knew.

In fact, it was only recently that big nose had started behaving so oddly. The fat one, and the others, had noticed this peculiar behavior, and thought he was going mad.

Madness was a common problem among the cave people, and especially among the cave women – especially as they got older. The cave women started off as gentle loving creatures, but then as they got older, they went mad. Totally bonkers. But big nose was clearly not a woman (especially with a nose like that) nor was he particularly old.

What was he thinking?

He would look at the sky, stare at it, and then look at the tree and stare at it for a while, and then turn his gaze back to the sky again, then back to the tree and then the stream at the bottom of the cave. When it was not raining he would look at the birds, but not in that greedy ‘I want to eat you’ way.

What was he thinking?

Was he even thinking? It was hard to tell. His bushy beard and scraggly hair covered the majority of his face. You could see the furrows on his forehead and his big nose was bulbous and pink from too much scratching.

And then you realised he wasn’t thinking. The look he had on his face was the look of…dare I say it, the look of wonder.

Oh yes, big nose had caught the wonder bug, and it was going to change his life – and the course of something little called human history. But he didn’t know that.

But that’s for later on. For now, it was still raining. The jumbo sized blobs of rain continued to bash fatty on the head, and big nose; oblivious to the wailing of the sky, continued to wonder.

And then suddenly he had a thought.

Yes, a thought. Not something you’d expect a caveman to have – but it was definitely a thought and it appeared out of nowhere. It just popped into big nose’s head.

Big nose tried to fight the thought away. It had invaded his private head space and he tried to spear it to death – but it was in his head. He tried to chase the thought away, but it wouldn’t go away. It kept coming back. It sat there in his head wearing a crown (not that the caveman knew what a crown was) and the thought was king.

And the thought?

“Who made this?”

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