He waited but nothing came…

He sat on his desk with his fingers on the keyboard…and waited.

Nothing came.


Why won’t it come?

He tried to empty his mind of all willing – perhaps then it would come?

Nothing came.


He sat there. Fingers outstretched on his laptop keyboard.

The screen was filthy – so he gave it a wipe down. The keys were filthy – he gave them a wipe down too.

He rested his fingers on the keys, and realised this was the same laptop he’d taken with him to South America. It had survived numerous bus journeys, taxis, thieves, hotel rooms, guest houses – it had done him a good service.

He waited but nothing came.


He wanted to write something – anything – but today, he was empty. His tank was empty. Or maybe there was a blockage?

Would he have to call the plumber?

What sort of plumber could unplug this blockage?


Yesterday he was on fire. His fingers were tapping away at the speed of light – yesterday they were’t fast enough to keep up with his mind, which was just all over the place. One of those storms that came from nowhere that he could not control. He just let it carry him to wherever – he barely knew where he was going, but it felt so good! So exhilarating to just type and type and type – and watch the words flow out of him – like a dam that has had its gates opened for a brief interval. Or, this is a better description, like sticking your head out of the window of a moving car and gulping in the air.

Not today. Today the dam was shut. He couldn’t even string a decent sentence together. He was spent. Wasted.

He took a sip of his Scotch whisky – maybe that would help?

Nothing. Made it worse.

His mind wandered. He thought about his day today, what he’d seen – what thoughts had passed through him, what he had read. Things always passed through him. Rich things he could mine. He’d been told by friends – even by his English teacher (who he’d met the other day) that he was an exceptionally deep thinker. Able to hold a situation or scenario in his hands, and then turn it and twist it and view it from different angles and from different perspectives. To see things from the vantage point of other people. This invariably meant he never jumped to conclusions on matters. He thought things through – and came up with exceptionally clear insights – that cut though to the heart of the matter.

The heart of the matter? That sounds so cliche!!

He knew he could use this in his book. This ability. And the best thing was that no research was required. He could invent a scenario – and let his natural ability take it to wherever it would go.

He waited. But still nothing came. Today was just one of those days. Tomorrow, he’d be back on form. He couldn’t summon his brain into action today. So he decided to write this blog post. This terrible trite blog post! Not of the usual high quality, as you can tell. But I think it deserves to be here, this terrible blog post, if anything to serve as a contrast, so to better appreciate the supernova that will explode tomorrow!

Oh yes, it will explode tomorrow.

I love writing. Even when I have nothing to say.

Like today.

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