Star Trek: Into Darkness

I won’t be giving a full review. I’m just going to talk about one thing. Benedict Cumberbatch – a supervillain worlds apart.

No one gets to outperform Benedict Cumberbatch’s mysterious interplanetary villain “John Harrison”. A sort of space ninja de luxe, this vengeful renegade first blows up the Starfleet’s archive, then strafes its high command, and later has the temerity to hide out in a Klingon stronghold, where he single-handedly bests a whole contingent of the furrowed-browed ones. He’s so classy, in fact, that he gets imprisoned in one of those glass cells where they put only the really brainy, top-level evil-doers: your Magnetos and Hannibal Lecters. Cumberbatch gets to wear an even more spectacular coat than he does as the BBC Sherlock Holmes – baggier, more billowing and with a hood. As for his voice, it’s so sepulchrally resonant that it could have been synthesised from the combined timbres of Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Alan Rickman holding an elocution contest down a well. And he flares a mean nostril, to boot.

Benedict Cumberbatch is the baddie you’ve always wanted to be.

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