Alexandria, Egypt – The Revolucion

Egypt 2 Egypt 3 Egypt 5 Egypt 4 egyypt 1

There have been some violent protests here lately,tomorrow is the anniversary of the revolution and yesterday a US student was killed as he watched one of the demonstrations from the sidelines. Egypt is a country that is currently trying to find itself after many years of dictatorial rule. The question on every bodies minds is whether it will land on the side of a secular Western blue print, or a conservative Islamic system. I fear the longer these demonstrations go on, the unhappier the people will become, and to a more extreme and intolerant system they will then turn.

We are never many steps away from benighted ignorance and bigotry. Even in the 21st Century though we may be, we are not protected from the Saturnian currents that blow in to fill the void when people are desperate. Look at Greece and its Fascist revival. Look at post Gadaffi Libya and the new ideologies. Look at Nazi Germany after the Great Stock Market Crash. There are lessons to be learnt from History. Desperation is a rich breeding ground for insular, parochial, backwater, feeble-minded and anti-humanistic ideas.

The Zeitgeist must be allowed to move ahead. The world spirit must be allowed to flourish. In the face of an indifferent Universe, our only hope, is us. There is no one to save us but us. There is no one to destroy us but us.

Sapere Aude!
Sapere Aude!


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