Oops! – I’ve done it again

Oh no, it’s happened


I’ve been bitten


Bitten not by the love bug, or god forbid a flea, or a rabid foaming dog – but bitten (sigh) by the wanderlust bug…


I had promised myself it wouldn’t happen. I had guarded myself dutifully against it, by not looking at travel books – by not looking at travel pictures, especially those sepia tinted one’s from a bygone nostalgic age long departed.

But too much comfortable living has the affect of dulling one’s security systems (see previous blog post on ‘Modern Life’)

and now my defenses have been compromised…

and my walls breached.

So, I am heading off again – to…oh yes (hear the drum rolls), to….(Oh! Can you feel the thrilling tension in the air)…to…(can you sense the air quiver in anticipation)…to…



(a heavy portentous silence…as the news filters in)

Yes – the one in Afghanistan…

Am I mad?

Yes, most definitely

Sush! Don’t tell anyone.

This is our secret…

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