Hedgehog hair boy, with suit-case heart…

I was an inquisitive child

with spiky hair like a hedgehog!

I remember driving my brothers crazy,

with questions.

Questions they couldn’t understand,

let alone answer!

“Why is this? Why is that?”

“How big is the world? How long would it take you to walk around it?”

“Shut up! How the hell should we know!” They would reply, after throwing me a few punches (…light punches)

That’s why I loved science at school, coz I could ask so many questions,

so many that my teachers ears would bleed.

I hated the way my mother dressed me for school though. Even as a 7 year old I

remember being embarrassed, of my clothes! I mean, look at the ‘get up’ I am wearing

below, how embarrassing!

And my hair would be allowed to grow long,

long and spiky like a hedgehog.

I would go months without a hair cut

and it would start crawling all over my ears,

like uncontrollable weeds.

I hated going to the barbers

It was worst than going to the dentist.

Which I didn’t go to often,

As I had impeccable teeth!

And my eyes, look at them – they want to soak in the mysteries of the universe,

and more.

And by the time the photo below was taken,

I already had a suit-case heart

Yes, a suit-case heart…

…always ready to travel


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