Fashion for the Geek: Haute Couture

– The Coat and Jim Moriarty – 

In the last episode of Sherlock, Moriarty was wearing this coat on the rooftop as he faced off Sherlock. It has beautiful clean lines and a simple interesting trim. It is from The Kooples, a hip modern French brand, inspired from the mixing and matching between a couples clothing. The designs are androgynous and the men’s and women’s line coordinate.

The coat features a leather stand-up collar and is a refreshing take on the classic lapels design. It is slim and has a great silhouette. I’ve actually managed to get one for myself (even though it is discontinued – Hooohahahaaa!). It is the perfect coat for a master criminal…the ultimate bad-boy haute couture…

– Stylish

– Familiar but with an intriguing twist

– Utterly wickedly effortlessly cool

Just like moi.

sherlock-203-21065 sherlock-203-21292 sherlock-203-21481

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