Afganistan: obtaining travel insurance for a war-zone country!

The lady on the end of the phone at the Bellwood Prestbury insurance agency has a very sweet benign voice:

“Good morning sir, how can I help you today?”
“I’d like a quote for travel insurance please”
“Just a moment sir. Ok, where will you be going to sir?”


“Right. Just one moment sir. And for how long?”
“2 weeks”
“Sir, Afghanistan is classified as a war-zone, so the premium will be higher than usual”
“Yes I understand”
“Are you looking at just medical insurance sir?”
“What other products do you have?”
“Well there is kidnap and ransom insurance…and we have various covers that guarantee lump sum pay outs in case you are unable to work, ever again…”
“Why might that be?”
“You might lose some limbs sir, or even, god forbid, your life. It is known to happen…in Kabul”
“No, I think I’ll be fine. Fingers crossed. Arms firmly tucked in. Legs inside. Like a tortoise (nervous laughter)”
“Yes of course sir. Well, for 2 weeks medical insurance cover in Afghanistan, the premium is…£250 sir”


“How much?!”

“Well it’s hardly the Seychelles Sir”
“Yes I know. Does this includes things like emergency helicopter evacuation?”
“Yes sir, and also repatriation costs to your home country in case healthcare is not availablein Kabul”
“Good. Good. Right. We’ll let me think about it”
“Well don’t think too much sir”
“Yes of course. tell me…do you sell much cover for Afghanistan?”
“Oh, you’d be surprised sir! I’ve sold insurance cover to many nutters that want to go there!”

“You’re very charming”

“Thank you sir. Well all the best and hopefully you’ll have a BLAST of a time sir. Not literally of course”

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