The brain. The most amazing thing in the universe. And I have one!

It seems an astonishing thought – one that astonishes me to this day – that everything you are – your memories, dreams, aspirations, thoughts – everything and everyone you love – all the feelings you have, your anger, your jealousies, your inner world rich and colourful as it no doubt is – your beliefs, your prejudices, your feelings of depression – your personality, your quirks, your IQ, your social skills, your creativity – everything, is all – your brain. And nothing else.


This three pound squishy thing with the consistency and look of scrambled eggs – is without doubt one of the most impressive things in the universe.

And you are the proud owner of one!

You have one! I know this because you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t…

And so do I…because I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t.

We all – have one of these remarkable squishy things up there, above our eyes.

It is the seat of us.

The seat where ‘we’ sit.

But where exactly in the brain is this seat where ‘we’ sit? Is there a specific part of the brain which can be said to be the seat (or sofa) of Wasimness – or – Youness – or wheoeverness?

Different parts of the brain seem to be responsible for different aspects of our humanity – but from where is it all controlled from? Where is the control centre that sends out the commands and the instructions?

Is there such a place in the brain? A place where I am sitting?

Where are you up there?

Ahh, such is the beauty of mysteries…

I am up there, somewhere…who knows where. I might even be everywhere.

Right now as I type these words and see this white screen and think these thoughts – there is an electrical storm up there bursting and crackling with billions of neurons firing away.

I type this word and it is the result of some amazing stuff happening up there! Oh yes – as I type “oh yes” there is electrical and chemical stuff happening up there!

It feels so good to have a brain.

I feel so happy and proud to have a brain.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to know I have a brain.

I feel so lucky to live at a time where its mysteries are slowly being peeled and revealed.

I am smiling because I have a brain.

I have a big smile on my lips – and this smile, was born (surprise-surprise) somewhere in my brain.

The brain. The most amazing thing in the entire universe.

And I have one.

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